Frequently   Asked Questions?

1). "What are your hours of operation?"

We're open 10AM - 8PM EVERYDAY. Even during the pandemic.


2). "Does it matter if I'm from a different city or state?"

 No, It does not matter where you're from. We are recreational and weed is legal in DC.

3)."Can I pay using my credit or debit card?"

We only accept credit for DELIVERY or PICK-UP, we do have an ATM on site. 


4). "Is this a dispensary?"

No silly - we're a marketing office for Listen Vision Studios, but we have the BEST Cannabis "gifts" in DC.

5). "Is there a limit on how many gifts I can receive?"

Nope! Get as much as your high heart desires. 


6). "Do I need to have my medical card when visiting?"

Nope - Recreational means no medical card needed when visiting our shop


7). "Where are you located"?

We're located at 2622 Georgia Ave NW, Washington D.C. - At Listen Vision Studios, right upstairs!


8). "Is there an age limit  to enter?"

Yes! All customers must be 21+ (or accompanied by one) in order to enter.


9). "Is there private parking?"

Nope - sorry! Only street parking available for customers. 


10). "Do you offer delivery as well?"

Of course we do silly! We Deliver up to 100 MILES!

Head over to our delivery tab for more information on weed delivery.


11). "Can I call ahead to pre-order"?

Yes! just follow the directions as if its a delivery but put "pick-up" in the notes and pay.

12). "If you don't sell weed then what do you sell?"

We sell coupons to receive discounts on services with Listen Vision Studios & Gift you with every coupon purchase.


13). "Where do you deliver?"

We deliver to Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia. However - Maryland & Virginia have a radius limit of 100 miles, as well as a minimal payment limit of $100 - which is explained in full detail on our delivery menu tab.

please read all of our FAQ's before calling - your question may already be answered above.

(202) 332-8495