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Best Dispensary, Lifted Shop DC

Lifted DC is the place for high-quality cannabis products in the heart of the capital. Situated just a short walk northwest from historic Howard University Campus, you can rely on Lifted DC to provide a welcoming atmosphere, product knowledge, and a wide selection of premium cannabis products. Find exotic flower, premium flower, edibles, carts and more at Lifted DC, your local D.C. and DMV dispensary.

We cater to customers from all walks of life, experienced and non-experienced cannabis users, and provide our vibrant area of DC with a little more color, a little fun, and a little weed magic! So if you’re a student, a tourist, here on business, or a D.C. native, we have something for you that will help you relax and enjoy your day. And, if getting to us in person is a tall order, you can select what you want online and get your weed delivered to your door!

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If you have any questions about us or our products, call us on the number below or shoot us a message via our online inquiry form. Get Ready for Liftoff with Lifted DC!

Lifted DC Hours & Contact

At Lifted DC, we like to give our customers ample time to browse and buy. Order any time of day for delivery or pickup during our opening hours.

  • Open 7 days a week, 10am-9pm
  • No medical card required!
  • Free delivery in D.C. (orders over $100)
  • Weed delivery up to100 miles in DMV

Phone: (202) 332-8495

Address: 2622 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

Order for Delivery to the DMV!

Orders accepted 24 hrs/day. Pick-ups and walk-ins are welcome! 10am-9pm. Cannabis products delivered to D.C, Aldie, VA, Baltimore, MD, Hanover, MDHerndon, VA, South Laurel, MD, Winchester, VA, and beyond!

Goodbye Medical Marijuana Cards!

December 20, 2022 signaled the beginning of a new legal framework for cannabis in D.C. The Washington, D.C. Council unanimously passed a bill that makes buying cannabis a lot easier! The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 significantly expands and regulates the industry. Provisions in the act have some positive repercussions for us all! (1)

  • Persons 21 and older can self-certify as medical cannabis patients
  • No doctor’s recommendation needed!
  • No medical card required!

Just steps from Howard and a short ride from downtown D.C., Lifted Shop makes buying your favorite cannabis products as simple and stress-free as possible!

Shop Premium Products

Lifted DC is a family-owned cannabis dispensaries with a big heart and a fine selection of the following products.


Flavorful hybrids, enticing indicas, and sensational sativas await you at Lifted DC. There’s something for every taste here, with 3.5g Premium Flower and Designer Flower starting at 3.5g and our Exotic Flower up to 28g per item.


Taking a break from rolling your own? No Problem! Find perfectly-crafted pre-rolls to pick up hassle-free at Lifted DC. Choose from our top-shelf selection of pre-rolled joints and cannabis cigars.

Vape Cartridges

If you prefer to puff on a vaporizer, great! We have a wide range of sativa, indica, and hybrid carts to choose from. We also sell batteries if you’re in a pinch.


Delicious THC gummies, tangy bites, and even shroom-infused chocolate await you at Lifted DC. And if you’re not feeling smoking, why not indulge in our sweet treats? Choose from our delicious range of high potency-edibles for pickup or delivery.


Looking for some outstanding concentrates? You’re in the right place! Get live resin, shatter, budder, crumble, wax and more for your rig at lifted DC.


Come to the Lifted DC Cafe to quench your thirst and satisfy your munchies with our selection of sodas, brownies, and other baked goods. For the experienced connoisseur, why not try our 1000mg THC Lean Peach (use with caution, extremely high potency!).

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The Magic of Mushrooms

Weed is wonderful, but if you like trying something a little different, give our powerful psilocybin products a try! We carry a selection of high-potency mushrooms, dried and ready for you to take home. And having a hallucinogenic experience isn’t the only thing you can do with magic mushrooms. In fact, some might say macrodosing is passe! 

Microdosing is now leading the way for recreational users who want to feel the more subtle effects of shrooms. Studies on magic mushrooms are ongoing, but research says they could help people self-medicate in the following ways. (2)

  • Improve Mood 
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Increase Cognitive Function
  • Focus Mental Concentration
  • Boost Problem-Solving Skills

Get to know more about what’s in your weed, and find out what suits you best by reading the Lifted DC blog.

Getting to Us

We’re situated a short walk northwest of  Howard University, close to Howard University School of Business.


From Chinatown:

  • Take 7th Street northbound (turns into Georgia Ave NW)
  • Pass Maury Wills baseball field on your left 
  • After Euclid Street, Lifted DC is 200 feet ahead on the left 
  • Street parking available


From Gallery Place (Red Line, Green Line, Yellow Line):

  • Take Metro Yellow Line or Green Line northbound
  • Get out at either Shaw/Howard University (13 minute walk) 
  • OR U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo (13 minute walk)


From 7th St NW & H St NW bus stop:

  • Catch the number 70 bus northbound
  • Get out at Georgia Avenue NW & Euclid Street NW
  • Lifted SC is 200 ft ahead on the left (1 minute walk)

Lost in D.C.? Give us a call at (202) 332-8495. Lifted DC is also on Google Maps!

Cash-Friendly Shopping

To keep things simple, Lifted DC operates on a cash only basis. But don’t worry, we have an ATM on site for customer use. If you’re ordering for delivery, please make sure you have the right change and factor in that little something extra to tip your delivery driver. Your help and generosity are greatly appreciated!

Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery, Washington D.C.

Order weed for pickup or delivery at Lifted DC, open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm. If you have specific questions about our location, our products, or anything else weed-related, contact us via telephone or complete a simple online form.


How much weed is legal to possess in Washington D.C.?

Adults 21 and older must carry no more than two ounces (56 grams) or less of cannabis on their person. You may face a fine or worse if you are found to have more in your possession when searched by law enforcement.

Can you smoke weed in the street in Washington D.C.?

Be careful. If you’re from out-of-town, or if you haven’t taken a look at the laws recently, know before you buy. It’s always advisable to see what the local rules are for cannabis consumption, whichever city, state, or district you’re in. Although it is legal to smoke weed in D.C., you cannot smoke in public places or on federal property. Doing so may result in you getting a hefty fine, or worse, up to 60 days in jail! (3)

How many edibles should I take if it’s my first time?

If this is your first time trying edibles, be aware that people who use them on a regular basis have built a tolerance to the THC. Some edibles have specific instructions on the packaging for first-timers. But, in the case of most 10mg gummies, starting with half or a fourth and waiting to experience the effects will let you know where you stand!

Is taking magic mushrooms safe?

Many people find using magic mushrooms beneficial to help them overcome anxiety, to become more creative, and to reduce discomfort from headaches. However, everyone is different, and what one person enjoys, another may not, especially when it comes to mushrooms. Speak to somebody you know or a reputable vendor for more information and advice.

As is the case with most recreational items, everything is usually fine in moderation. 

What do I do on my first mushroom trip?

If you have never used magic mushrooms before, speak to someone who has, and listen to their advice carefully. There are also some good online resources available. Your first experience with psilocybin should be in a quiet, familiar, comfortable place. It is also advisable you don’t try to leave that place during your experience. Your living room or bedroom is almost always a safe choice. You may also want a sober “trip chaperone” friend to guide you.

Can I buy from Lifted DC if I’m in Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia?

Yes! In fact, a good dispensary will deliver your cannabis items to you. Always check to see the minimum purchase to get free delivery!


  1. Marijuana Policy Project. District of Columbia. MPP. Published 2018. Updated January 21 2023 
  2. Cavanna F, Muller S, de la Fuente LA, et al. Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study. Translational Psychiatry. 2022;12(1). doi:10.1038/s41398-022-02039-0
  3. Code of the District of Columbia § 48–911.01. Consumption of marijuana in public space prohibited; impairment prohibited. D.C. Law Library. Accessed January 27, 2023. 
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