Does Kief Get You Higher Than Weed?

If you’re wondering, “what is kief?” It is a powdery resin made from trichomes of weed. It is a term for cannabis crystals. It is common for cannabis users to use the substance with their weed. It also goes by the names chief or keef and is one of the many byproducts of weed. It is one of the cannabis hash products or concentrates.

Kief Is Stronger Than Weed

Kief gets you higher than weed. Since it is a concentrate, it has more THC and psychoactive elements found in cannabis. Since it is a concentrate, it has more cannabis elements. It is also easy to make. Weed kief does not require more investment. Curiosity about it lies around its high effect. Since kief is a product of ground trichomes, it has a high concentration of THC and psychoactive elements.

Unlike weed and buds, most places do not sell kief. However, you can make your batch using flowers and buds. If you have weed, you have the powder. You are only one step away from obtaining it.

Collecting Kief

Collecting kief is easy. It does not require high-end machinery to collect it. Instead, a standard grinder that is easy to buy can help do the job for you. The grinder separates and grinds the weed into a fine paste. Then, it collects in the lower chamber. From there on, you can sprinkle it on joints or stash it in pipes.

Another alternative method is the use of smaller screens. The micro screens are in wood boxes or Kief boxes. With the screen, you can obtain the cleanest form of grind with tiny trichome heads rather than a blend of stalks leaves. The sift is 99% of grind and is very effective. However, the sifter is not as effective for first-time users. While it will give you a smooth end product, the product gets better with more sifts.

Kief vs Hash

Hash has more THC than Kief. It is heated and pressurized to create a wax or liquid form. It is also easy to use. Most variants have a lot of THC, with some forms going up to 80%. Hash is easy to make once you have a pipe and your Kief.

Colors of Kief

Kief can differentiate in colors. It also indicates different levels of purity. The purer the sift, the lighter the color. The green color indicates high levels of plant matter in the grind. Once cleaned, the green color disappears, leaving a potent product. The purest form is off-white. It is the color of trichome crystals without plant matter.

Advantages of Kief

Making hash was an ancient practice in Morocco and Afghanistan. It also requires no equipment, unlike other things. Also, there are no chemical impurities to create your concentrate, which is a grey area for most users. Making kief is a natural method.

Poorly made water concentrate can get mold and pose health risks. The end product is always potent and more efficient. People also go beyond the process by pressing their ground to obtain a shatter. It requires the use of heat on the loose kief.

Consumption Methods

Smoking Kief

With an extract in your hands, you need a guide on what to do with kief. Most people sprinkle the powder on their pipes or joints. Then, you can smoke it just like you would a blunt or a cigar. To smoke kief, use a screen over a glass pipe. A dispensary can sell you durable specialty titanium screens. They are perfect for smoking hash. Similarly, a standard stainless steel pipe screen can do that for you.

Burn the pipe above the kief mixture to get better results and obtain essential oils that deter burning. Use an indirect flame. Quality chief melts and bubbles like top-grade water hash. The end product is a hit full of flavor and little residue. If poorly defined, there is a woody taste from the plant matter. Use a microscope to determine the fineness of your product. Then, you can refine it more to ensure more flavor.

Consume Your Kief with Coffee or Tea

If you are a nonsmoker, you can use coffee as a medium to take your kief. The warmth and heat of coffee will activate cannabinoids in it. When you drink the mixture, it travels through your digestive system, quickly absorbing into your system. It is almost similar to eating an edible.

Alternatively, add the mixture to your tea. Use 1mg for 6oz of tea or coffee to make a potent drink.

Now that you understand kief and how to smoke it, you can try making it today. You can use the grind for your first experience. Contact us for flowers and other equipment you may need to turn your weed into kief weed.

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