Best Weed for Anxiety

There are reasons why weed is a popular product to an increasing number of people. However, dealing with anxiety is one of the leading reasons medical marijuana users are interested in this herb.

Cannabis is renowned for its calming and euphoric effects on the user. This plant can help relieve stress, anxiety, and worry. You don’t have to live with these mental discomforts. Medical cannabis might be what you need to help you leave these conditions behind and focus on the present.

Besides, this plant can help boost your troubleshooting, thus making it easy for you to get solutions to the problems that are causing the anxiety in the first place.

Benzodiazepine is commonly used to treat anxiety and other similar mental conditions. However, a study carried out in 2017 found out that 135 medical marijuana patients opted for the flower rather than benzodiazepine.

Although this relationship between cannabis and anxiety is good news, it has its complicated side. Not every type of cannabis will treat anxiety in all patients. That is where the challenge comes. Some types of cannabis might induce or worsen your anxiety. Similarly, some types of this treatment might bring adverse effects on you.

Additionally, research demonstrates that some people have a genetic predisposition that leads to more anxiety when using marijuana. Further studies show that moderate to low doses of marijuana may help relieve anxiety, while higher doses of this treatment might lead to increased stress.

These facts emphasize the need to know what strains of cannabis can help you fight anxiety.

Below are some of the best strains of cannabis to combat anxiety and stress.



This strain of cannabis contains an almost one-to-one ratio of CBD to THC to CBD, thus making it a perfect calming Indica flower. The flower’s high CBD content makes it ideal for users who’d like to experience the benefits of weed without excessive intoxicating experience. Other than CBD, this strain can contain high levels of linalool and the terpene aroma molecule.

Linalool is a floral-scented and sweet flower abundant in the lavender plant. In clinical and rodent tests, inhaled lavender oil containing high levels of linalool reduced anxiety and aggressive behavior.

Some experts speculate that when combined with CBD, the presence of linalool might increase the anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety effects of the herb. With potentially high levels of linalool and other calming terpenes, Pennywise is an excellent treatment for an anxiety-reducing strain, thanks to its potentially high levels of linalool and additional calming terpenes.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Another high-CBD cultivar, the Stephen Hawking Kush, is considered an excellent calming Indica cross.

Stephen Hawking Kush often produces THC: CBD ratios of 1:1 or more significant, thus providing users with a pleasant and mellow experience that is manageable.

Like Pennywise, this strain can produce high levels of linalool. But, this floral-scented strain has strong notes of musky myrcene and sharp limonene. Together, these two terpenes offer a tranquil and calming experience. However, when these terpenes are combined with CBD, they offer more pronounced anxiolytic effects. BD, unlike THC, tends to have an energizing effect.

This strain is classified as an Indica, but a CBD-dominant India is not as sedative Indica strains high in THC. However, this strain is safe to use during the daytime.

Skywalker OG

Although high-THC strains can escalate anxiety, many consumers realize that the psychoactive decreases anxiety and promotes a sense of presence and mindfulness. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone with anxiety is a candidate for THC-induced anxiety. However, the possibility of you experiencing THC-induced anxiety increases with larger doses of this cannabinoid.

This strain is Indica-dominant and features high levels of THC. Thus, beginning low and going slow with this strain for best for anxiety and focus is recommended.

Skywalker OG has high levels of anxiolytic terpenes like linalool limonene, an aroma molecule present in citrus fruits and bisabolol. This terpene is clear-headed and energetic, yet it’s also known for its calming effect. Another floral terpene is Bisabolol which is plentiful in the chamomile flower. Bisadol is thought to be partly responsible for the herb’s relaxing and stress-relieving capabilities.

Master Kush

Master kush is another high-THC Indica variety that produces sufficient calming terpene aroma molecules.

These herb tests are positive for remarkable amounts of linalool, bisabolol, limonene, and another beneficial terpene called beta-caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene acts similarly to CBD in the user’s body, potentially making it a meaningful partner to psychoactive THC.

Typically found in black pepper, preclinical research demonstrates that this spicy terpene works with receptors in the user’s body involved in both anxiety and depression. Anxiolytic, this spicy terpene can give an extra layer of relaxation to anxiety-prone individuals and respond well to THC.


There are times when a herb strain with insignificant to zero THC might work best for people who suffer from chronic anxiety. This cannabis strain is an energizing, high-CBD cannabis compound with a focused vibe. This plant is excellent for morning times and expresses uplifting beta-pinene.

Pinene is one of the abundant terpenes in the floral kingdom. It produces a clear-headed and sharp, pine-like scent experience. But, this cannabis is one of the best strains for anxiety and focus. In addition, this strain has tested positive for detectable levels of inspirational limonene and calming bisabolol. These compounds create a mixture of herbs that provides anxiety relief and mental stimulation. While anxiety is treated with tranquilizers, guys who respond well to this medication may find that ACDC puffer’s anxiety relief without drowsiness.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

1. Try Strains With Higher Levels Of CBD

If you’re starting with cannabis or marijuana therapies, THC can sometimes be escalated for those with anxiety.

Also, as THC wears off, some people might experience uncomfortable rebound anxiety.

CBD is a natural anxiolytic. This fact means going for strains with 1:1 CBD: THC ratios and above might be beneficial to you f you are dealing with anxiety, regardless of the treatment’s terpene content.

2. Read Testing Labels

While the cannabis strains included here have been found to test positive for anxiolytic, calming terpenes, every individual’s sample for the Sativa or Indica for anxiety is different.

For instance, some ACDC samples can test positive for high levels of myrcene, while other individuals may express more pinene.

Reading test results for the strain you are ingesting can help determine if a herb contains the content you need.

3. Dose carefully

If what you take is WITHIN watchable limits, you have nothing to worry about. Ensure the weed dose that gets into your body is within reasonable limits.

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