Benefits of THC to the Body

THC is a vital component of cannabis. Some people argue that it has no medicinal value, but science has a different view. So far, THC has proven a crucial source of relief for physical and mental ailments. In addition, THC used in controlled measures contributes to daily health needs. Here is a list of benefits derived from using THC.

Eases Nausea and Vomiting

Marinol is a pill for treating nausea and vomiting. It has been around since the 1980s. Also, the drug has Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol which is synthetic and isolated. The pharmaceutical companies market it as an alternative for cannabinoids. While the pill is effective, it is a cannabis extract. The plant has more to offer. It comes with more components like terpenes and flavonoids that work together. Overall, THC proves to be a safer alternative.

Excellent for Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the key reasons why people look for THC.

More than 1.5 billion people struggle with chronic pain. Common types of pain include nerve-related pain and neuropathic pain.

Extensive studies have shown that THC blocks pain signals in the central nervous system. It does that by activating pathways. An FDA-approved trial in 2013 shows how effective THC is for pain relief. The benefits of THC oil are crucial as you can use it to massage joints and alleviate pain.

Protects Brain Cells

Is THC good for you and your brain?

Yes. THC is good for your brain. Most myths around THC and cannabis are on brain damage. Yet, cannabis does the exact opposite. It protects the brain. It is a neuro-protectant that keeps the brain cells from harm.

Increases Appetite

Appetite is what is the THC good for. But what does THC do to increase appetite?

Many other health complications like anorexia, HIV, and dementia can cause loss of appetite. In addition, poor eating habits can lead to severe malnourishment and cause death. THC in weed increases appetite. THC interacts with similar receptors in the hypothalamus that carry the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin activates hunger. THC makes food taste better. THC’s effects on hunger can stimulate appetite and save the lives of malnourished victims. Other kinds of cannabis variants can suppress hunger. The variants are popular with people who want to keep fit while using THC.

Relieves Anxiety

THC has massive calming effects and boosts relaxation. Anxiety creates unrest and disrupts natural body function. Research shows that people with anxiety are calmer when they use THC. It can develop a sense of relief and promote peace. Additionally, most patients even rest better after taking THC treatment.

Heightened Senses

While many people shy away from using THC due to its psychoactive properties, it can be a good thing. Most people against THC use this fact to dismiss its legalization. Yet, people have enjoyed the psychoactive effects of weed for years.

Many cultures use cannabis during spiritual rituals. It is also known to increase creativity and life-changing revelations.

THC overdose is unlikely, and people stand to gain more with psychological effects and relief.

Antibacterial Properties

Cannabis produces THC to protect itself from bacteria and pathogens. Cannabinoids can also do the same for the human body. Constant use of THC in diet can change the microbial properties in the gut.


Inflammation is yet a leading cause of health disturbances. Curbing inflammation reduces most symptoms of illness and disease.

Also, inflammation is the leading source of immense pain and poor health over time. In addition, diseases like Arthritis and Crohns cause pain due to inflammation. THC can block off bacteria and other compounds that lead to inflammation.

Improves Sleep

Quality sleep is vital for anyone struggling with insomnia. Unfortunately, chronic pain and other health complications can make sleeping impossible. Studies show that THC can improve sleep issues and water down disturbances to promote quality sleep. It also can improve the time it takes to fall asleep. However, it is unclear whether THC improves sleep quality or reduces sleeping difficulties.


benefits of THC

THC compound can help open airways for a patient to breathe better. Studies show that THC could help ease asthma attacks and that even inhaled cannabis via smoking still has the same effect on the lungs.

New pharm techs are experimenting THC based treatments for COPD and Asthma. In addition, other companies are developing inhaler technologies for patients to inhale THC properties without smoke. The Bronchodilatory property of THC comes from pinene, a terpene in cannabis. Some cannabis cultivars have the pine smell from pinene that induces the effect of THC.

Muscle Relaxant

Since THC has high relaxing effects on the body, it is a great muscle relaxant. It helps the body calm down and eases the muscles’ stress.

Patients with problems like multiple sclerosis can get relief from muscles spasms, spasticity, cramping, and pain. Medication that has THC for treating these properties is available in the market in more than 30 countries.

Works Against Convulsions

Patients suffering from severe convulsions can struggle with the complications over time. Yet, cannabis tests have shown the effects of THC in preventing convulsions. While there are no recent studies conducted for THC, the attention has been shifting to CBD. A study showed a positive response rate and a reduction of epileptic episodes in the children.

Potential Anti-Tumor Properties

While THC does not prevent cancer or treat it, it has proven effective in preventing the growth of tumor cells. Recent research shows that cannabis has a strong effect on cancer. In addition, it may have properties that destroy cancer cells stopping their growth and multiplication in the body.

According to a Harvard doctor, Dr. Gregory Smith, cannabis affects cancer in three ways. The first one is apoptosis. It is an immune process by which cells self-destruct if damaged or diseased. Lab models have shown cannabinoids can stop a tumor from growing. It cuts off veins from supplying blood to the cells to deter growth. Finally, the THC prevents feeding the cells starving the cancer cells. THC creates a colony where cancer cells cannot leave. The active components in cannabis prevent cells from spreading. Also, it stops other complications like metastasizing.

In Conclusion

THC has massive benefits for the human body. Its effects on the body have portrayed a promising future in medicine. If you have been struggling with chronic pain or depression, THC can help you feel better. Talk with your doctor about using cannabis treatment. Contact us today for the best cannabis products.

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