420 Meaning

Whether you are new to marijuana or you’re a seasoned user of this stuff, you might have heard about 420 concerning cannabis. Well, you might have wondered what 420 is, after all. As usual, we are always here to give you meaningful info about anything and everything cannabis.

What is 420?

The truth is that every day, somewhere around the globe, a marijuana user is chuckling at the clock while packing the stuff in a glass pipe or lighting up marihuana in a joint at 4:20 p.m.

There are reasons why marijuana users view this code with respect. While there are many stories behind the reason, most are rumors. The most credible story behind this code traces its origin to Marin County, Calif.

San Rafael high school was the place of action. Five high school students would meet at 4:20 p.m. near the school’s statue of the chemist Louis Pasteur. These lads had one purpose – to take their favorite stuff.

You might be wondering why these students chose that time. The reason was simple. At that specific time, extracurricular activities in the school had usually ended.

By the way, this group of students consisting of Larry Schwartz, Jeffrey Noel, Dave Reddix, Mark Gravich, and Steve Capper got a new name – the Waldos – because of their habit of meeting at a wall. These kids would say 420 among themselves as a code for cannabis. So far, this seems to be the most credible story behind code 420.

Interestingly, this number, 420, has evolved to become a secret code among people dating on popular dating websites and potential roommates. As a result, it has become an intimate way of identifying other people who share the marijuana craze worldwide.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean

This number, 420, has become a covert way of letting the other person welcome your life, whether at home or love life. The phrase 420 friendly refers to all cannabis users irrespective of the time or location of use. Anytime a 420-friendly user sees this code or hears it concerning someone else, quickly decodes the meaning and knows the user of the code is part of the marijuana family.

The use of this code has gone a step further. April 20, 4/20, has achieved unofficial recognition among weed users. This day has become a relaxed stoner holiday as weed legalization activists gather from California to New Jersey and even light up in protest.

For decades, this number has become a significant part of weed culture. As a result, it has become similar to terms like Chong, Cheech, or the familiar image of a green cannabis leaf.

Surprisingly, this code has gained such acceptance and use that corporate companies tweet about 420 and use the code in other advertisements. According to the renowned cannabis author and journalist David Bienenstock, this code has transformed the earlier April date into a holiday and day of celebration for the cannabis community.

This author justifies the need for celebration for this kind of community that has faced many years of oppression. We can agree with his views on that.

There are two main reasons why people use marijuana. One reason is recreational, while the second is medicinal use. In recreational use, people use the stuff to get stoned. You might have heard about getting stoned about marijuana use. If you are not sure what that means, let’s give you brief insights into this terminology.

What Does Getting Stoned Mean

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According to Weedmaps and other credible dictionaries, getting stoned refers to the experience of intoxication that weed users get after taking cannabis. Often, this term refers to the heavy, relaxing, and sedating experiences associated with using marijuana.

There are reasons why this intoxication is referred to as getting stoned. While the term might have origins from the biblical time when offenders and breakers of the law were pelted with stones, this term took an even deeper meaning. People started using the word ‘stoned’; as slang for folks under the heavy influence of alcohol – maybe because such excessive use would make such people look battered, beaten, and physically worn down – they looked like they had been physically stoned.

However, with time, as the use became more entrenched in the 1960s, “getting stoned” references in pop culture were more likely to be referring to marijuana than alcohol.

So, getting stoned about weed means getting toned is when you experience the sedative and relaxing effects of consuming marijuana.

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